Before to quarantine, it was impossible to imagine that a walk along the street would be a luxury. The regime of self-isolation got through to us. Concern about the future wouldn’t leave me. A loudspeaker installed in a neighboring house several times a day reminded of the importance of not going outside without the need and only intensified the alarm. 

 I had to accept a new reality. Life stopped, as if it were frozen until better times. The window remained the only connection with the outside world. I began to photograph the street outside the window. One frame per day, from the same angle. I observe the events and the situation, when winter was replaced by summer, when people massively put on, took off masks and gloves. 

 63 days of self-isolation, 63 photos, these days there is an official restriction on free movement on the street. These days are similar, I decided to combine all the photos on one endlessly long day.